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Podcasts & Vodcasts

Below are Pod/Vod casts of some of the most recent speakers presenting at the seminar series. There are also some of the older audio files included in the 'Past Events'. 

30 October 2019, Sebastian Ille - ‘'The Evolution of Sectarianism: A Political Economy Approach'’:

16 October 2019, Martin Weale - ‘The Global Commodity System in the 21st Century’:

17 April 2019, Photis Lysandrou - ‘The Global Commodity System in the 21st Century’:

6 March 2019, Terry Barker - ‘Trade and Development: Why a 'No Deal' Brexit Would be an Economic Catastrophe’:

27 February 2019, Hassan Hakimaian - ‘Why Did Economists Fail to Predict the Arab Uprisings?’:

13 February 2019, Thomas Pope - ‘The Changing State and the 2019 Spending Review’:

21 November 2018, Lars Boerner - ‘Time for Growth’:

 7 November 2018, Ahmad Seyf - ‘Inequality, Trade Unions and Financialization’’

17 October 2018, Richard Werner - "Scientific Macroeconomics and the Quantity Theory of Credit"

10 October 2018, Jagjit Chadha - "Fiscal Space: What have we learnt since the crises?"’

25 April 2018, John McCombie ‘Why there will Never be a Complete Consensus in Macroeconomics: A Tale of Group Thinking and Paradigms’

14 March 2018, Claudia Girardone ‘Bank Credit Rating Changes, Capital Structure Adjustments and Lending’

7 March 2018, Robert Skidelsky ‘Technological Unemployment: Myth or Reality’

31 January 2018, Graham Gudgin & Ken Coutts '‘How Did the Economics Profession Get it Wrong on Brexit?’’
Presentation Slides HERE
An audio recording of the presentation 

Previous audio recordings of the St Catharine's Political Economy Seminar Series can be found HERE.

The films below can also be viewed at the St Catharine's Political Economy YouTube Channel

    4 February 2015 John Weeks 'Acute Deficit Disorder: Cause, Treatment and Cure' 

    21 January 2015
    Lord Eatwell 'In combating austerity, pure theory matters’ 

    3 December 2014 Dr Ha-Joon Chang on 'Framing the Austerity Debate' 

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