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St Catharine's Political Economy Seminar Series


Podcast archive page

Here are the details of some podcasts and vodcasts from previous years. 

21 November 2018, Lars Boerner - ‘Time for Growth’:

 7 November 2018, Ahmad Seyf - ‘Inequality, Trade Unions and Financialization’’

17 October 2018, Richard Werner - "Scientific Macroeconomics and the Quantity Theory of Credit"

10 October 2018, Jagjit Chadha - "Fiscal Space: What have we learnt since the crises?"’

25 April 2018, John McCombie ‘Why there will Never be a Complete Consensus in Macroeconomics: A Tale of Group Thinking and Paradigms’

14 March 2018, Claudia Girardone ‘Bank Credit Rating Changes, Capital Structure Adjustments and Lending’

7 March 2018, Robert Skidelsky ‘Technological Unemployment: Myth or Reality’

31 January 2018, Graham Gudgin & Ken Coutts '‘How Did the Economics Profession Get it Wrong on Brexit?’’
Presentation Slides HERE
An audio recording of the presentation 


22 November 2017 - Liliana Harding - "From austerity to immigrants as ‘significant others’

25 October 2017 - Ciaran Driver - ‘How corporate governance is central to economic policy’

11 October 2017 - Ian Hodge - ‘Neoliberalism, Institutional Blending and the Governance of Rural Land’

10 May April 2017 - Robert Ashford 'Beyond Austerity and Stimulus: Broadening Capital Acquisition with the Earnings of Capital as a Means to Sustainable Fuller Employment and Growth'

26 April 2017 - Ron Smith 'Calculating the Costs of Conflict'

The films below can also be viewed at the St Catharine's Political Economy YouTube Channel

    4 February 2015 John Weeks 'Acute Deficit Disorder: Cause, Treatment and Cure' 

    21 January 2015
     Lord Eatwell 'In combating austerity, pure theory matters’ 

    3 December 2014 Dr Ha-Joon Chang on 'Framing the Austerity Debate' 

    For other materials on these topic areas please visit the Political Economy Hub website