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Podcasts & Vodcasts

Below are pod/vod casts of some of the speakers presenting at the seminar series. The films can also be viewed at the St Catharine's Political Economy YouTube Channel

25 April 2018, John McCombie ‘Why there will Never be a Complete Consensus in Macroeconomics: A Tale of Group Thinking and Paradigms’

14 March 2018, Claudia Girardone ‘Bank Credit Rating Changes, Capital Structure Adjustments and Lending’


7 March 2018, Robert Skidelsky ‘Technological Unemployment: Myth or Reality’


31 January 2018, Graham Gudgin & Ken Coutts '‘How Did the Economics Profession Get it Wrong on Brexit?’’
Presentation Slides HERE
An audio recording of the presentation 


22 November 2017, Liliana Harding 'From austerity to immigrants as ‘significant others’
An audio recording of the presentation 

25 Oct 2017, Ciaran Driver ‘How corporate governance is central to economic policy’
An audio recording of the presentation 

11 October 2017 Ian Hodge 'Neoliberalism, Institutional Blending and the Governance of Rural Land'
An audio recording of the presentation

10 May 2017 Robert Ashford 'Beyond Austerity and Stimulus: Broadening Capital Acquisition with the Earnings of Capital as a Means to Sustainable Fuller Employment and Growth'
An audio recording of the presentation

27 April 2017 Ron Smith 'Calculating the Cost of Conflict'
An audio recording of the presentation


13 May 2015 Frances Stewart 'The Relative Merits of Alternative Goals of Development: Happiness, Income or Human' 

25 February 2015 Mark Hayes ''Keynes, the Pope and the IMF''

4 February 2015 John Weeks 'Acute Deficit Disorder: Cause, Treatment and Cure' 

21 January 2015
Lord Eatwell 'In combating austerity, pure theory matters’ 

3 December 2014 Dr Ha-Joon Chang on 'Framing the Austerity Debate' 

Other videos and audio files of presentations will be posted here when they are available.

For other materials on these topic areas please visit the Political Economy Hub website

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